Monday Rant/Misfit Wearables = #1 Company EVER!

I’m surprised how absolutely, positively lost I am without my Misfit Shine. After I lost it a few weekends ago, I thought I would be able to continue tracking my calories without it, but honestly I’m just not interested in dealing with my macros if I have no clue what my burn rate was for the day! Call me weak but it’s looking like I need technology to run my life.

Now that I’m getting busier, running and riding my bike more, and eating better, I have to worry about my calorie intake less, and I actually have been cutting weight pretty successfully. Now is the time for me to get super accurate with my program so I can get in amazing shape for the summer and my race in August.

Luckily I got some amazing news this morning – after a little backandforth with Misfit, they have offered to replace my device and upgrade me to a more secure watch band so I don’t lose it again! I’m ecstatic. This means they read my blog post about how much I love my tracker and appreciate what I am doing here to educate friends and family, and want me to keep on doing it. And that is just awesome to me.

So THANK YOU, Misfit! Best company ever obviously; they really care about their customers for life and want to make the experience with their products as seamless as humanly possible.

In addition to that great gadget news, on more of a general blogging note, I want you to know that I KNOW my photos suck. So I have a brand-spanking-new Nikon D3200 DSLR on the way to fix that. I can’t wait to be able to take high-quality photos! My very first job when I was 16 was as a portrait photographer so I’m excited to be somewhat getting back to my roots.

Anyway, sorry this isn’t as fitness-related as it could be but want to hold myself accountable to everything I am doing to make this blog work. Tomorrow begins my official half marathon training plan and I’m really excited to work on sprints and speed because my mile is SLO-O-OW compared to last April, which was probably my best running month EVER.

See what happens when you start chasing goals? Sometimes your past self comes back to nudge you to do even better! Kinda nuts how that works.

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Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Monday! Heck, it’s already half over!

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