Recovery 103 – Epsom Salt Baths

I do a lot to keep my muscles in shape for the heavy impact of running – from stretching and warmups to compression wear and various supplements and topical remedies. But something so basic that I was overlooking, and was recommended highly to me recently by a massage therapist, is really breathing new life into my legs and I have to share it! Continue reading Recovery 103 – Epsom Salt Baths

Exodus: Five Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

Have you ever just felt terrible in your own skin? If you’re a woman, I’m going to guess the answer is yes, at least some of the time (thx hormones). No matter how hard we try to fill our lives (and our stomachs) with “healthy habits,” there are still some days when we wake up just feeling blah. And some days, that’s okay. But when you think … Continue reading Exodus: Five Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

Rave Review: Shakesmart

If you’re a workout fanatic like I am, then you’ll be happy to hear that there is an AMAZING and affordable way to supplement your workouts with healthy fruit and protein–and it happens to be just steps away from the Aztec Recreation Center here at SDSU. Shake Smart was started this year by two State business students, Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman, when they realized … Continue reading Rave Review: Shakesmart