The Proverbial Horse

“Getting back on the horse” is one of those phrases we hear all the time in regard to getting off-track on fitness, or really any kind of goal we are working toward. But I feel like sticking to the ride once you remount is the hardest thing in the world. How many of us are ever really okay, even years after something bad happens? We … Continue reading The Proverbial Horse

Run For Your Life – If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

I’m still a little surprised that I’m sitting here writing about my running journey, given that the assessment of several physical therapists from 2005-2009 was that I would probably never be able to run comfortably. And yet here I am, feeling better than ever, having run upwards of 450miย and raced my first half marathon just since the start of 2013. I suffer from a chronic … Continue reading Run For Your Life – If I Can Do It, Anyone Can