Hitting the Reset Button

The other day, as I hit the sidewalk for my inaugural 2-mile run of the new year, I thought to myself, “Hey. This isn’t so bad.” Truth is, I’ve been out of the fitness and blogging game for way too long (due to a hamstring issue and a busy work schedule), and I’m hopping hard onto the fitness resolution bandwagon everybody has been talking about. … Continue reading Hitting the Reset Button


How I Became A Medical Marijuana Advocate

I would love to thank the nonprofit org CannaEffect for publishing my medical marijuana story on their website! Ever since I started this blog with my message, the support has been pleasantly surprising. I think people are really ready to start changing the way we all think about cannabis users, especially those of us patients who have “invisible” ailments. Continue reading How I Became A Medical Marijuana Advocate

#ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass

Hey friends, having a busy short week as I come off of the holiday weekend, and prepare to fly home for my best friend’s graduation festivities. But I also made a TON of time to workout this week and I’m grateful for my relative discipline! So in the spirit of my San Diego blogger friends Smitha, Linzie, and Carlee, I decided to participate in the … Continue reading #ThursdayTriumph featuring ClassPass